Range Rover Sentinel
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As a derivative of the Range Rover family of vehicles, owners can be assured that a Sentinel is fully warranted and tested to meet the same exacting standards that all Range Rovers must aspire to. This means that vehicles are homologated as production vehicles compliant to all EU standards for new vehicles. In addition, because the vehicle is engineered by JLR, the protective package of ballistic and blast protection is certified to meet the most stringent international standards by independent experts QinetiQ.


The Range Rover Sentinel is now capable of even more. Uprated air-suspension and braking systems and Adaptive Dynamics monitoring ensure smooth, composed driving conditions, no matter how rough the terrain. The raised air intake means the Range Rover Sentinel can now wade through up to 700mm of water, and an improved departure angle increases its ability to tackle inclines.

The perfect vehicle for off road and poor road conditions should the vehicle be required to take evasive action in the event of an attack.

Safety and Security

The Range Rover Sentinel’s intensive testing and development and enhanced safety features ensure optimum protection in the event of an accident or attack. Airbags and active seatbelts keep occupants safe and secure on impact or rollover, and the Escape System allows occupants to exit through the tailgate.

Adaptive Cruise Control helps the driver maintain a pre-set distance from the vehicle in front, and the Stability Control System will bring the Range Rover Sentinel to an emergency stop in the shortest possible time.


The Range Rover Sentinel combines discretion with luxury and performance, keeping occupants comfortable and safe from attack. The vehicle’s armoured credentials are virtually invisible, giving it virtual anonymity and providing its first line of defence. Its second line of defence lies in its enhanced ability to escape from a potential threat, a capability that cannot be matched by armoured saloon car alternatives: off-road, through water, up steps, the Range Rover Sentinel will get you away fast. The 360 degree armoured passenger protection cell makes the vehicle resistant to an extensive array of attacks from bullets, blast, bombs and fire, making the Range Rover Sentinel a very safe place to be.

“The new Range Rover Sentinel is one of the most extraordinary Range Rovers ever produced. It has been expertly engineered by Special Vehicle Operations to provide class leading levels of protection to occupants against extreme attack, whilst retaining the Range Rover’s luxury and refinement with off road capability.”

John Edwards

Managing director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations

Standard Sentinel safety and protection features include:

  • Ballistic Protection certified by QinetiQ® to meet VPAM BRV2009 VR8 and VSAG 12 VS 7 Standards which covers 7.62mm Armour Piercing Rounds
  • RV and VSAG requirements for equivalent 15kg high explosive side blast
  • External blast floor – DM51 Grenade Protection certified by QinetiQ®
  • ERV and VSAG requirements for Roof Grenade Protection (DM51)
  • Heavy Duty Split Rim with Hutchinson VFI™ Run Flat Tyre System with pro duction tyre
  • Uprated foundation brakes
  • Uprated suspension system, springs and dampers and anti-roll bars
  • Self-sealing fuel tank
  • Driver’s opening front window – 100mm document delivery
  • Emergency Escape System
  • Auxiliary battery and split charge system
  • Reinforced door hinges with additional gas struts
  • Critical ECM protection
  • Anti-smash loadspace protection
  • Intercom
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