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Buying a Diplomatic, Tourist or Tax-Free vehicle for the first time can seem a little daunting so we have put together the questions and answers below to share what our previous customers have asked. If you have a question or concern that isn’t in the list however then please don’t be put off – every purchase is unique in some way which is why our dedicated team are on standby to help you with any other questions you may have.

Tourist & Tax-Free FAQs
Am I entitled to drive a Tax-Free vehicle?

  1. Tourist Plates

    A non-EU resident who resides less than 183 days in the EU is automatically entitled to a Gibraltar registered tax-free vehicle. This registration is renewable annually and the tourist can freely come and go from Gibraltar.

    With a vehicle registered in this way you are able to drive anywhere in the world except in your country of residence. After the fourth year vehicle must come back to Gibraltar for an MOT.

  2. Export Plates

    Although it is possible for an EU resident to purchase a Gibraltar tax-free vehicle, this type of client is not eligible to drive away to his/hers country of origin. If a client attempted to do so, this would be considered by the EU Authorities as an attempt to evade EU taxes.

    In such cases, we organise full onward transport, e.g. onboard a vehicle transporter, sea freight etc. The client would then have to register the vehicle in his/hers country of residency and pay corresponding taxes.

What if I don’t fall into one of the above categories?

If you don’t fall directly into either of the above categories you will are still eligible to purchase a tax-free vehicle from us but will need to make sure that you comply with all relevant import and tax obligations in order to legally import your vehicle.

Our team will be able to advise you on the exact situation based upon the relevant information (such as your country of residence and method of transportation). Please contact us for a no-obligation quotation.

Are prices set or will I have to negotiate for the best deal?

As an authorised partner, our prices have been set in conjunction with Jaguar Land Rover’s Tax-Free division and have already been negotiated to offer an attractive package for all vehicles concerned.

You will therefore always receive the best possible price from our first quotation – without the need for time-consuming negotiation.

What about other costs, such as transportation costs?

No-one likes surprises when it comes to cost and we are no exception. Our buying power as a large supplier of diplomatic vehicles allows us to negotiate outstanding rates on national and international vehicle delivery. Often we are able to reduce this even further by combining transportation for all or part of the delivery route.

Using these advantages our sales and logistics team will always endeavour to take this into account and will be happy to review options choices with you.

Can I pick up the vehicle in Gibraltar if I wish?

Absolutely, we currently offer a tailor made package for all Non-EU residents should you choose to visit the wonderful Rock of Gibraltar. Our dedicated Sales Team will be more than happy to assist you in arranging an enjoyable stay and handover.

What if I need a car quickly ?

We always endeavour to have a stockpile of vehicles in Gibraltar to ensure immediate availability of vehicles. Our stock levels are constantly changing and driven by demand, therefore availability is always subject to prior sale.

Should your ideal vehicle not be available from our stock, we can either request factory to identify a vehicle which they may have “ready to go”, otherwise, we can quote an ex-factory production vehicle. Again, because we have a direct line of communication with factory, opportunities do exist to secure faster build slots via “special build requests”. To make a no-obligation enquiry please contact us.

In which currency do I pay?

Our cars are payable in Euros.

What deposit is required?

A 10-20% deposit is required to secure an in stock vehicle or to make a factory order. The balance is then payable prior to the vehicle’s departure from Gibraltar. Once the balance has been paid we will arrange onward transport.

What documentation do you supply with your cars?

All our vehicles are supplied with the necessary documentation to assist our appointed Customs Agent and yourself with a smooth vehicle importation procedure into your respective country. Documentation requirements may vary from country to country so we suggest you contact us to discuss these should you have any concerns. Needless to say that over the years we have developed sound knowledge of what is required throughout Europe and cater for these accordingly.

Is my car insured during delivery?

Your car is fully insured from the moment it is collected at the main dealer until it arrives at your address. When the car is delivered, you will examine it together with the delivery driver to ensure that the vehicle is in perfect condition.

What vehicle warranty cover does Jaguar Land Rover offer?

Should any part of the vehicle require repair or replacement as a result of a manufacturing defect, the part will be repaired or replaced completely free of charge by any Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer, regardless of any change of vehicle ownership during the period of cover.

Tyre defects are covered separately by the tyre manufacturer. However, your Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer will assist you with any tyre claim.

The vehicle warranty starts on the day that the vehicle is delivered to the first retail customer and continues for three years unlimited mileage.

Does my car come with an English Literature Pack?

All our cars come with English Literature Packs. If however you do require an alternative language, please specify this before placing your order and we will make arrangements to procure this on your behalf. There will be a charge for alternative language handbooks. Please enquire.