Your vehicle - your way
A personal service

Life can be complicated, which is why we look to make delivery of your Diplomatic, Tourist or Tax-Free vehicle as simple as possible.
Our dedicated sales team will work with you to establish the most convenient way for you to receive your vehicle.
Our most popular options are shown below.

Delivery to your current posting

Why not keep it simple? If you are a Diplomat or qualifying individual then a common request is to have your new Jaguar Land Rover vehicle shipped directly to your assignment location. Our experienced logistics team will make sure that your car is delivered safely to a local Customs point or to the nearest available port.

Delivery to your next posting

What better way to get your new posting off to a fantastic start? Again the exact location and point of availability will depend upon your next posting location. Our logistics team will work with you to determine the most appropriate route and keep you fully informed progress as your vehicle makes its way to you.

Delivery to your home address

Relax and enjoy the anticipation as your new vehicle is transported to you via our professional transport network. Can there be a more relaxing and straightforward way to receive your vehicle than going to sleep one evening knowing it will be in your drive the next day?

Personal VIP pick-up in Gibraltar

The driver’s option! If you like to enjoy the feeling of the open road then what better way to receive your new Jaguar Land Rover than to fly into Gibraltar and pick it up direct. You can be assured of a fantastically warm welcome, a personal introduction to your new vehicle and all the help you need to make sure that your drive back is fun, rewarding and goes without a hitch.