We’ve got it covered
Peace of mind – wherever you are

Looking after your Diplomatic, Tourist or Tax-Free car shouldn’t be a headache which is why all Jaguar Land Rover vehicles come with the warranty and cover to ensure that any problems that do occur will be dealt with quickly and smoothly.

Peace of mind

Your Land Rover is a feat of engineering, design and development, so relax and enjoy it with the security of a full Jaguar Land Rover warranty. If any part of it needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing defect during the first three years, it’ll be done free of charge by any Approved Service Centre.

Genuine Land Rover accessories are also covered by the new vehicle warranty, providing they are fitted by an Approved Service Centre within one month or 1000miles/1600km, whichever comes first.

Looking good

As well as your three year unlimited mileage manufacturer warranty, your vehicle has a paint surface warranty. This begins at the same time as your vehicle warranty and continues for three years.

If there are any defects to the paint itself, or resulting from the way it is applied, repairs will be carried out free of charge by any Approved Service Centre.

Stay in shape

Your vehicle has an anti-corrosion warranty which begins at the same time as the vehicle warranty and is valid for six years, regardless of who owns the vehicle.

If any part of your vehicle’s bodywork is perforated by rust corrosion, the affected panel will be repaired or replaced by any Approved Service Centre.

International Assistance

Land Rover Assistance provides you with peace of mind in any emergency, accident on the road or breakdown.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Fixing or recovering your vehicle
  • Bringing you home
  • Vehicle storage
  • Helping with your onward journey
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Vehicle return